Recovery phase

Today has been wonderfully relaxing. After an 11.30am philosophy class, which I think no one was listening to or had the capacity to listen to (more like it), I made my way down to my favourite Depth N’ Green restaurant where they made me dhal and rice. Kitchari would have been ideal however it’s likely to be made with ghee in the restaurants so I decided to opt for option two which was dhal and rice. I was ravenous by this point. I never ask for seconds when out for lunch but today was an exception. I think the owner was also a little shocked by this request, as he knows this of me. I also got extra in a take away pack so I could have it for dinner. The oils in the food are really important to build up the lining in our stomachs again, hence the extra effort to make sure I’m eating all the right things. I also had a coconut on my way home, slowly sipping it and then devouring the insides. I figured these natural fats would be good also. 


The rest of the day has been spent chatting with Owen on Skype and sleeping. It’s not ideal we spend any time socialising for the next couple of days so I need to keep this to a minimum. Bharath wants us to really take time to notice what’s happening in our bodies. He virtually wants us to hibernate for today and tomorrow. I love how seriously he takes all of this. He sets a wonderful example.

So, as I’m not meant to be on the computer, I shall leave it there. I just thought an update re my recovery was a good idea.

Namaste xx