Reality is beginning to set in

As of Wednesday this week, it will be 2 weeks until I leave Mysore and begin my travels in India. It’s quite a surreal feeling to be honest. I came here knowing it would be such a long time until I went home, and now the end is suddenly creeping up on me. In one month and two days I will be back in Australia. Wow - time is flying.

This place has become home. I’ve developed a routine living here and I can’t imagine not having the routine anymore. The 4.00am alarm clock, my muesli for breakfast, back to class, my vegan thali at lunch, back to class… I also can’t imagine not being in the Shala anymore. That place really has become like a home for me. The surroundings are so comforting every time I’m in the room. And then of course there is Bharath. I’m not sure how I will say goodbye to this wonderful teacher, this wonderful man. He has been such an inspiration for me that it’s going to be a sad moment when we part ways. I have loved hearing his stories, being challenged by him, and just being in his presence. He is so calm, so focused and so committed to yoga and his students that one can’t help but be inspired by such a person.

I actually chatted with Bharath about this last week. He told me to begin preparing myself for the lead up to when I have to go as this will make it easier. I’m not really sure how to prepare myself to be honest. I just know it’s coming! I guess one way of not feeling so upset about leaving, is the knowledge that I will then go forth and pass on what I have learned. It’s my time to now share this gift I have received from Bharath with others in the world. I am so very excited about that. Bharath has also agreed to come to Australia when I open my own Shala one day! That will be a wonderful reunion indeed.

Yes, class is intense, and yes everything hurts - but I wouldn’t change one bit of what I have been, and am still going through. This has been the most eye opening journey I have ever taken in my life and I will forever be a stronger, more aware and confident person for it. That is priceless.

So rather than be sad about the upcoming goodbye, I will work hard at focusing on all of those positives I’ve just mentioned. Yes my teacher may not be with me physically, but he will always be with me in spirit. Plus, he’s only a Facebook post away! Get a grip Jessica :)

Namaste xx

Beauty really is everywhere here

Side walk steps

Because it’s normal to burn your garbage, This is just outside my apartment.

That bike is going nowhere!

Life in Mysore