Precious moments - witness them, feel them, be present with them

What is so fascinating about India is how it forces you, me, to be completely present. There is so much going on that you can’t help but just ‘be there’. To observe. Never in my life have I been as still as I am here. I met a wonderful man in Mysore who explained the noise in India is necessary. That if one can master stillness amongst it then one has truly achieved a deep level of awareness, of being centered. I have my moments, but I certainly work hard to consciously be here.

This place also forces you to be very patient. Nothing is easy here. The usual things which are so simple back home are a real challenge. This is always the case when doing any sort of travel, but in India it’s especially true. I’ve mentioned many times about internet being an issue. For me, I’m use to it to connect with the world, but for Indians, its the least of their worries. And with that said, I’m boarding a 3 day train to Agra this afternoon so I wont be in touch for a couple of days!

Oh - funny but not so funny story.  In Munnar, while showering before bed, I noticed my bathroom window was open. As I knew it was closed earlier in the day, (and I told housekeeping not to worry about cleaning my room), I knew no one had been in there. A little nervous about this, I went over to the window to close it and saw a man starring into my bathroom!! He had been watching me shower!
The only people it could have been, (who knew I was in that room and that that was my bathroom window), was a staff member at the hotel. Las Palmas. I could have touched his face he was so close, but I screamed so loudly he ran away quickly. Seriously!!!! For you women travellers out there - make sure you double check your windows are locked!!

Ok, I have to run now. I had other posts written but with computer troubles and internet troubles I lost them :( I will have time on the train to write those blogs again and will be sure to post them when in Agra.

Wish me luck!!

Namaste xx