Passport - check! Visa..... near check!!

It’s official - it’s all happening. Yesterday my new passport arrived (i’m still in shock by how much older i look compared with my old passport) and today I submitted my India Visa application!

I’ve never manually applied for a Visa and I now know why! It’s quite involved. I called the help desk of the Indian Consulate about 4 times to make sure I was filling everything in correctly - but I got there in the end. Flight Centre in Norwood recommended I do the application myself as it would save money. About 50% infact compared to what I would have paid had i asked the travel agent to do this on my behalf.

Owen laughed at me when told him I answered the question of “Verification Mark” as freckles on my arms. He was quick to remind me i had a tattoo. Oops. Totally forgot about that one!! It’s on my back so its an honest mistake lol.

I’m on my lunch break now and just submitted my application for processing. I’m a little nervous as they have a) taken my passport and b) wont have a response for about 3 weeks! The week before Christmas - and they shut down over Christmas so this is cutting it fine! I asked if I should hold off on purchasing my flights and the response was “yes”. A little frustrating as I would love to get this all sorted now - but really, i don’t care. So long as I’m sitting in class on my mat at 5.00am on the 1st of Feb 2015 in Mysore, India - then i’m not fussed.

With regards to my work, rather than thinking about work I find myself (at my desk) completely focused on the journey which lies ahead. I realised so long ago that a life spent sitting in meetings to plan other meetings is not my idea of fun, and offers little meaning. I often find myself standing by the printer, waiting for my documents to come out, thinking “what the hell am I doing with my life”. But now - although I am still stuck there for the next few weeks - I can’t help but feel a sense of freedom. This is a feeling I have not experienced before. Even with all my other travels, I have always known they would end with a return to a job, and life, which didn’t inspire me. Knowing now that I am choosing my path, that i am beginning a life which brings absolute joy, is the most exhilarating thing I have ever done. And i wonder why I haven’t done this sooner…

Sitting here now, I am trying to remember the feeling of terror I experienced every time I thought about this “dream” - but it’s not there anymore. It’s as though i have come too far now to feel terror anymore. To worry. And it’s not as though I am a lone ranger with no responsibilities in my life. I have a lot to be nervous about; for one I am leaving my partner Owen (my world) and my pug (my other world) behind for 3 months, and two I have a lot of debt under my belt by having a property portfolio (all in my name). So there is a lot to worry about - and yet, I’m not. I was! Absolutely I was. But not now. The calm is almost eerie for someone like me. All i know is, I have made the best possible decision I could have for my life at this time. And I am I so excited about what is to come.

India here i come!! (pending Visa lol)