Nearly time to go!

I have had a week of lunches with colleagues from work. I have never felt so special and important to be honest. Beautiful gifts, many warm hugs and good wishes. I have been really surprised by the wonderful send off.

I am in the process of pulling together loose ends which will get me to India. Little things like mail redirection, asprin and comfy tank tops to train in. All the bigger things are in place, like travel insurance and visas - thank goodness.

I haven’t been training as much as I would like lately. Staying in someone elses home, Kevin and Trish, makes it a little more challenging. I feel a bit uncomfortable about setting up my mat on their deck or in their living room. God knows what awkward position I could be in when someone walks in! So at the moment Im restricted to a small room, our bedroom, where I move as much as i can between the bed and the wall - about the width of my mat, so not heaps of movement. This is only temporary, however, as the spare room - my new yoga room which Trish offered to me, is currently being used.

My plan is to write all the names of the postures in Sanskrit. Once I pick up some final items tomorrow, like dry cleaning and my travel visa debit card, I will come home and begin this next challenge. I am confident that writing the names will help me store them more easily.

I can’t say Im not nervous about leaving. I am. Mostly about the idea of leaving my Owen and pooch for so long. It’s going to be really tough on us all. But - having said that - a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Well - on that note, it’s time for bed however I will be sure to keep you posted with how I go leading up to and during my training.