It's official... India says I can visit!

I was notified today that my Visa has been granted and returned for collection!! I’m absolutely thrilled. This means I can officially quit my job in 7 working days time. Yay! I didn’t think it would be a good idea to quit before being accepted. That would have sucked had I been told.. “sorry, but your visa was rejected - and now you have no job too”. Not ideal. But now I can go ahead and book my flights etc!

I called Flight Centre Norwood to compare prices. The usual guy I chat with, Ryan, is on leave so another girl helped me. She will send through some quotes which is exciting.

Lunch was an absolute waste of time. After going on a goose chase to find the Indian Consultant - yes its moved in the last 5 days! - it turns out my passport will be available for collection tomorrow. Frustrating. But oh well, at least its approved!

Terribly excited xx