It may be little, but it’s very powerful if you find it

I did it. I gave in and got myself a cotton mat to use in the mornings. I’m getting frustrated with how often I slip off my Manduka mat. Nothing to do with my mat itself. It’s just the pools of sweat below which cause me to lose my grip. I haven’t trained with a cotton mat before so this should be a new experience! (I’m not sure how I’m going to carry all the luggage I have back home - but I shall worry about that when the time comes). Also, our asana classes have been upped to 2 hours for the rest of our course, beginning with tonights class. So from tomorrow morning we are starting 30 minutes earlier. Hello 3.30am alarm! We will also do another Surya Namaskara marathon before the completion of the course, so I want to try and stay on my mat for this. My goodness that is going to be an intense morning!


Today I was chatting with the owner of Depth N Green again. He is such a lovely man and always gives me tea - green with ginger, brewed for about 10 minutes and served in the cutest metal cups. Looking sharp and trendy as always in his salmon polo shirt, jeans and raybans, he sat by the entrance of the restaurant where he would virtually yell across the room to speak with me, trying to compete with the outside noise. We talked about many things to do with feeling calm and present in your life, being able to find inner peace rather than looking outside for it. All that sort of stuff. But he also shared with me a story which had a big impact on me and I hope may inspire others also. It goes something like this..

“When I was in my 20’s I wanted to visit Varanasi, so I took a bus from Delhi to go there. That is a looong way. Unfortunately the bus didn’t go the whole way. It stopped in *town name* where I then needed to catch another bus which would take a big detour to get there. I was annoyed. Really frustrated about this.

On the bus I met a monk. An American woman. A big woman. I found her to be a really inspiring person, who helped me to be a little calmer,  and we’re still in touch today (this is about 20 years ago now). While we were stopped for some food, at about 11.00pm at night, the monk and the rest of the group went inside but I decided to wait outside. I was just really annoyed at how long this was taking. I started looking up at the sky. It was a clear night and the sky was black. But I found a single star amongst the dark. I sat there for about 25, maybe 30 minutes, and starred at that star. That experience changed my life. What I realised is - no matter how dark things may get, if you can see just the tiniest bit of light amongst it, it will change you forever. If you can see something positive in everything you do, you will live such a happy life. No matter how bad something may seem, always look for the little bit of positive, because it will be there if you allow yourself to see.”

Wow. I just loved this honest, personal story he shared. Of course I’m consciously trying to be a positive person, but the way he explained this idea, although very simple, was also very powerful.

I guess the question to oneself could be: “Am I looking for the little light in the darkness ? If not, start looking”

Namaste xx