How do you face ants? I mean adversity?


Again, where to begin. It’s been a long day filled with so many inspirational moments. It’s near impossible to list them all. Today has also been filled with many physical and emotional challenges. The tempo is being raised and my body is certainly aware of that! Maybe I shall begin there.

Our bodies. They are incredible machines. As Bharath said, “…they are the most beautiful computer in the world.” It’s so very true. During asana practice, whilst holding a position sometimes I can’t help but notice those around me. It may be out the corner of my eye whilst trying to maintain focus on a grain of sand on the floor, or it could be someone directly in front of me. Regardless, it’s so interesting to notice how other people can move in their bodies, where their strengths are and where they are more challenged. For example, I have seen people fly into Sirsasana (headstand) or fold beautifully into Paschimottanasa (west facing intense stretch / lying flat over your legs which are extended in front), but then you move to an asana like Chakrasana (wheel / backbend) and they can barely lift from the floor. What I’m getting at is how incredible our bodies are, how different we all can be. The most flexible person may have zero strength and vice versa. Sometimes it may be a coordination thing or possibly fear. Whatever it is, and however we move, we truly are incredible machines. And what’s more beautiful, is how we can work with our bodies to attain those asanas which initially we are challenged by. With correct mindset, breath and awareness of body, anything is possible. I’m nearly doing the splits for goodness sake! Now that is testament alone to the practice and how it can make your body fly!!! ;-)

My hips and knees are playing up again, but I’m committed to working through this pain. I work really hard to draw my focus away from the uncomfortable, burning sensations and, with a smile and concentration on the breath, I can temporarily relieve it. This is an ongoing battle of the mind, but it’s something I will keep working at. Little by little as Bharath would say.

Philosophy class today brought with it many enlightening concepts, as per usual. I really do love this class. Today, I really appreciated learning about what it means to be a true yogi. That he is the person who remains still even when the unexpected happens. He who can remain in control when things don’t go to plan. I can’t say I’m there yet but it’s certainly a way of living which I want. God knows I need to be this type of person to manage the life I tend to bring upon myself! Like right now - I have found ants in my makeshift kitchen and I am doing my best to remain calm in the face of that………… “Find where they’re coming from, and just deal with it Jessica…….”

I also liked the concept of Buddhiyoga which is essentially saying there are two types of work. Those who go to work and make no effort to improve the system or understand how the machine works etc. They just accept their job as it is, do as they’re told and make no effort to add to it. Whilst there are those who are always looking to improve something, to work out new ways of doing something. For example, we all have mobile phones and we accept that they will work with all the latest technology, but we only have the phones because one man used his Buddihyoga, his mind, to create them. To build them. The rest of us have done nothing to understand how it works or how to improve it. Really important point I thought.

We have a thesis to write as part of our final assessment, and although we have access to a ton of information on the internet to guide us, Bharath wants us to use our own mind to write this, not rely on that which has already been written before. Point taken.

As a final comment, I thought I would mention a lovely comment which came from Brittany tonight. Long story short, she has an awful cold sore under her nose, and she who is a little vain to say the least, is clearly struggling with this. Last night, whilst chatting with her I assured it wasn’t a big deal, explained that I get them too and hated how painful they can be. They’re just the worst. And tonight, whilst walking home, she ran to catch up with me and thank me for what I said (last night). She said she had been so upset by it, and embarrassed, but I somehow made her feel much better. She appreciated my ‘compassion’. I’m only writing about this as I think it’s a good example of how our words can impact a person on an unexpected level. This can be good or bad. So it’s important we take care in how we communicate with one another. Using Brittany’s words, be compassionate. Be mindful of what you are saying as who knows what impact you are having on the other person. Just something to think about.

With that, I shall say good night and I shall see you again tomorrow. I have some ants to get rid of!

Namaste xx


The last of my Oranges birthday fruit basket - yes oranges. Translation - mandarin


OH&S at it’s best


On my way to evening class