Green Hotel Mysore

Today was my favourite day of the week - holiday Sunday. It’s the one day of the week where I can rejuvenate - sleep in, tidy my apartment, wash my clothes. Simple activities which are so helpful to bring the energy back.

As my lovely Indian friend, Meet, is leaving Mysore tomorrow morning (as she was only here for the 250+hr TTC), we decided to have a relaxing lunch at the famous Green Hotel. Located on the outskirts of Gokulam, Meet and I travelled via a rickshaw to this historic building, which was once the palace of a princess (so I understand). Entering through high white concrete fences, which protects the hotel from the bustling four lane main road just outside, I was quite surprised by the look of this building. With it’s reputation for being one of the best hotels in Mysore, I was picturing a more modern building. I’m not sure why. I guess I just hadn’t given too much thought to what it would look like. The hotel was, however, far from modern. A huge, old mansion stood firmly in front of us. Painted white and green, with large open spaces for outdoor dining, this hotel clearly had a long history. The gardens were beautifully kept. The lawns looked so soft and were neatly trimmed, there were rows of potted succulents lining the outdoor areas as well as many hanging pots. And it appeared most of the staff were gardeners.  

Meet and I wandered through the front door of this grand old building and were greeted by a middle aged, tall Indian man who was likely to be the manager of the building. He was happy for us to look around before dining for lunch, recommending we sit outside under the canopy in the outdoor restaurant area.

The hotel felt as though I were in someone’s home. Beautiful, antique wooden furniture decorated the inside - but only a minimal amount. The entrance had a large wooden round table positioned centrally in the room with nothing else surrounding it. When you looked back to the entrance, this table almost appeared to be glowing. So simple, yet so memorable.


We wandered down the stone stairs into the little cafe area which was in a back room. Here, the tables and chairs surrounded a strip in the middle of the room which was full of beautiful green plants, all exposed to the elements as there was no roof on this part of the building. This cafe is also the bakery where my bread is baked (which i get from Natures Nectar - my favourite little health food shop not far from home).

After slowly walking through the halls, and trying to absorb the history of the palace, Meet and I wandered outside to look at the gardens before sitting in the outdoor restaurant. Meet selected a number of North Indian dishes to share (Meet is North Indian), all of which were amazing. I would never know the names of the dishes, but one was a deep green spinach dish, dal, fried vegetables, naan breads and rice. We also had a fresh lime soda - salt and sweet! Try it - it’s such a nice flavour.

Meet and I chatted for quite some time in this most relaxing setting. The weather was perfect temperature, the noise was somewhat blocked out from the huge cement walls surrounding the hotel, and the food was amazing. What more could you have asked for! Meet was then terribly kind to pay the bill, as an Indian gesture. Meet explained it is their culture to be hospitable to others, and she wanted to offer this to me. She was grateful for having someone to chat with whilst away from her family, and I guess this was her thank you. I was really moved by her generosity.

On our way home we stopped at the Dhatu’s organic shop, (where we were the other day with dead bodies walking down the street), to purchase some copper cups we both loved. I had been looking for copper cups to purchase for sometime and was thrilled to find these. I didn’t buy them the other day for two reasons: 1) not enough cash on me at the time and 2) we weren’t sure if they were good quality. But we came to the conclusion a shop like this would only stock good quality products, and considering these cups are from Ishra Ashram (Sadhguru’s Ashram - you may recall me chatting about him in my very first blog post), I figured they would be very good quality. There is also sentimental value with these.

This afternoon was then a little challenging for me. I struggled being on my own for some reason? Generally I am ok, but today I was quite lonely. Although there is always lots to do, even if it’s just reading, I was a little off and somewhat agitated with my own company. Chatting with Owen on Skype, I was a little sooky. And irrational. He told me I would blog about this, and how silly I was being, and that I am grateful to have him to help me ground myself again. In my moment of being proud, I said I wouldn’t. But in retrospect, I think it’s important to be honest and acknowledge my silliness sometimes and how helpful Owen always is in reminding me to ‘come back’. To get out of my head.  - “So there you go baby, it’s in here - like you predicted! ;-)” -

I begin my Mysore Style classes tomorrow which I am looking forward to. No 4.00am alarms though - thank goodness. I still have a week until that starts up again. Tomorrows class is not until 8.30am, so a bit of a sleep in!

Until then, I will keep working on being still, finding my centre and remembering to appreciate the abundance in my life. Because, that is what my life truly is. Abundant.

Namaste xx