Good morning Full Vinyasa!

What a day. It’s 10.30pm and only now am I beginning to write today’s post. I’ve just come from dinner with the rest of the group at the Green Hotel, which turned out to be an unexpectedly lovely evening. But before I chat about this, I wanted to reflect on this mornings class.

So, Vinyasa is quite new to me. Understanding the sequence and the order with which to complete asanas is completely different to the Foundation Series. Regardless, I really like the Vinyasa work. We began this morning with 12 rounds of Surya Namaskara, which I was just so grateful for. This is the most wonderful practice for relieving any tension in the muscles and joints, getting the body beautifully warmed up for the next 80 minutes of training.

For the first time, we were taken through a Full Vinyasa series, which we were yet to have completed. Each class, Bharath has been introducing more into the practice, but today he went for it, taking us through the entire sequence. Although exhausting, particularly from a physical point of view, I had one of my strongest practices. Of course my technique in asanas needs ongoing work, but we certainly got the gist of how this sequence works. Savasana (corpse) was wonderfully relaxing today. I think we were there for about 20 minutes at least, just focusing on the noticing of changes, sensations in the body. Feeling the body, and making sure it was well rested before coming up. I think I was part conscious, part unconscious throughout it - which is a slightly strange but very relaxing place to be.

After anatomy and philosophy class we were allowed the afternoon off. As we are working on our thesis’, Bharath is giving us as much time as possible to pull this together in preparation for our presentations next week. I have begun working on my Migraines assignment, but will commit tomorrow to getting it done.

This evening, a group of us met at the coconut stand to go to the Green Hotel for dinner. One girl, Olga, who is from Ukraine, shocked me a little re her approach to getting what she wants whilst negotiating the rickshaws for getting there. For a tiny little thing, she certainly knows how to stand her ground. But honestly, squabbling over 10 rupees… I’m not sure it’s worth all the fuss. That’s about 20 cents. In time, and with aggressive negotiations complete, we eventually we made it to the Green Hotel (via two rickshaws).

The setting was like something out of a movie. We sat at wooden white outdoor dining suites, on an open grassy / dirt platform. With only candles for lighting, excluding a few warm lights lining the walkways, and the hotel (once palace) illuminated behind us, it was a truly magical setting.

The ride home was a little more uncomfortable but nonetheless entertaining. With four people in our rickshaw, I ended up on the lap of the new girl, Josephine. Good thing my quads are getting stronger from my Virabadrasana!  Jammed in the back of a rickshaw made me feel like a true local.

Ok, my eyes are closing so i think its time for bed. I shall continue tomorrow.

Namaste xx


Green Hotel