End of year Christmas ballet concert

Tonight was my nieces’ (x3) end of year Christmas ballet concert. Every year they just blow me away with how talented they are. And what scares me is how quickly they are growing up. Courtney, now 16 and with boobs, looked like a woman up there. It feels like just yesterday I was dressing her in her peanutbutter jelly jar outfit. Time really does fly.

It’s when I actually stop to think about this statement, which has become a throw away line to most, that my decisions (to finally take action to live my life how I have always dreamed) make more and more sense. All I know is I dont want to wake up in another year, 5 years, 50 years, wondering what I’ve done with my life. I realise I could lose everything with the decisions i am making now, e.g. my properties, but as much as that would be really crap - it would be worth it in order to live a life a choose. The price of not taking such a risk is far higher than that.

So on that note, as my nieces and all the other ballerinas have found and committed to their true love (ballet) I am thrilled that I am finally committing to mine.