Destroyed... day 1 proper training

From 3am this morning i have been awake. In fear I would miss my 4am alarm, i must have woken up early and then couldn’t get back to sleep. Today has felt like an entire month. No shit.

Today was an incredibly trying day for me. Never before have I sat on a hard tiled floor for so many hours. In total, today’s training was about 9 hours, including asana practice in the morning and night, chanting, philosophy class and anatomy class. We are only allowed to sit in certain positions so as you can imagine, spending about 7 or more hours sitting and learning has near destroyed me. For one I think my back is broken, and my ass is completely numb. Ankles and knees are bruised… Energy, non-existent at the moment. Not only do we have this level of training, but we must also study a minimum of 3 hours per day, self study, in preparation for teaching the class the following day. I had a slight melt down to Owen (on Skype) today after finding out we need to teach everyday. I think the starvation combined with exhaustion and broken limbs (nearly) possibly had something to do with my overly emotional reaction.

But nevertheless, I am completely shitting myself about presenting tomorrow. I need to run an entire class from start to finish. This involves opening prayer, greeting (namaste), teaching which has 8 parts I must cover (introduce the asana and its meaning, silent demonstration, limitations, benefits, techniques, common mistakes, variations, group lesson), savasana and closing prayer (or chant). Holy crap!!
And my teacher is very strict about what we must present on and how. So naturally, I am nervous.

During our practical classes, my body has reached such a level of exhaustion that everything is shaking non-stop. I have never been so fatigued before, and I think much of it is due to the amount of sitting we have had to do (who would have thought sitting was so hard!). Hopefully I start to get use to this.

On a completely different note, I managed to find a local bakery in the area. Not your average bakery. Check out the pictures of this glamourous place!

Well, time for MORE study and then bed. Another 4am start awaits.

Thanks for reading!! xxx