Day 2 training - much better start!

I’ve decided to transform my morning yoga practice into one which is committed to learning the Sanskrit names for all the foundation asanas. Considering it’s a Monday and I knew getting out of bed meant being closer to going into work - I decided to sleep in a little while longer. Plus, I had a terrible night sleep. Up since 4am and then finally asleep again about 5 minutes before my alarm was due to go off.

The honest truth is, Owen’s 15 year old dog is not doing too well and sadly a decision no one ever wants to make may need to be made. So it’s been an emotional couple of days and night. Owen is a mess - understandably.

So getting out of bed this morning was a little challenging. Lack of sleep for various reasons coupled with the dreaded knowledge of going to work just doesn’t help.

When I finally got up, I decided to work through just one of the video links the yoga school sent through. By practicing the postures at the same time as trying to learn it’s name, I am surprisingly picking it up.

Of course the names of postures which are very common are easy (as you tend to hear them more often) - but regardless, I don’t seem to be doing too badly. I’ve worked out there are al ot of similarities between certain names and postures, and being synesthetic definitely helps as I just need to draw similarities together.

Owen has offered to help with my training also. He reads out the names and then later will test me on them. He is a great teacher. I might see if he is up for more training tonight.