Day 1 training - a little slack to be honest

Hmmm - I have to be honest, I didn’t get alot done today by way of training. Being a Sunday with a million and one things to organise before Christmas, I did little when it comes to preparing for my trip to India.

My partner has agreed to help me learn Sanskrit. We began training today where he tells me the posture to do and as I do it I repeat the name of the posture in Sanskrit. It’s certainly a challenge - and I only learned four names! Making no excuses for my terrible effort. I promise myself to do better throughout the coming weeks. I have decided to transform my morning practice to one of learning the foundation asanas and their proper names. If I committ to learning 4 per day I should be ok.. I think.

I was telling my father today about my plans for india and yoga. As per usual this was met with non-acceptance and a bewildered expression. Dad’s only comment was - “you don’t earn very much doing yoga”. What I find so fascinating about a comment like that is - I already have a disposable income. and realistically I could purchase whatever I wanted. But am I happy? No. I’m not. And for me, life is about multiple meanings. My current life, by way of work, doesn’t offer that to me. So - I would rather earn less and enjoy my life, appreciating each moment, than earn more and wish my days away. But that’s just me.