Christmas is coming....and so is india!


I have to be honest - the end of this year is extra exciting for me. For one, I love Christmas. It’s such a magic time of year. And as it’s Owen’s birthday on Christmas Day, there is a double whammy when it comes to celebrating.  And two, the knowledge of jetsetting over to India for 3 months to train intensively to become a yoga teacher is just awesome.

Because of my love of business development, I bought a couple (more) books today to further my understanding of business.  I hope to return to Australia with a solid business plan and open a studio which reflects my vision for sharing the beauty of yoga. I don’t want to open just ‘any studio’ for the sake of making money. It’s not about that for me. I want to make sure i can create…. a feeling, a sense of belonging, a space which oozes calm and relaxation and leaves people feeling truly accepted for who they are. This is what I hope to achieve. But as I have no 'business’ experience (when it comes to running my own), am not MBA trained or have degrees in law or finance - I will be starting from a very clean slate. So whatever support and guidance I can gain through reading - I will take!

I’m in the process of negotiating my accommodation in India. The apartments where I intend to stay, Good Touch, seem to be so lax with their bookings. They told me to confirm my reservation closer to the 10th of Jan 15. A little to close (to my arrival day) for comfort if you ask me! I kind of what to know I have somewhere to sleep sooner than that… Also, as they are close to the shala its an added bonus and so I don’t want to miss out on getting a room there - because i do not want to be walking a million miles each morning at 4.30am to get to class. Not ideal.

With regards to preparation - I learned I will need to bring my own yoga mat to India. My Manduka mat is a little heavy so I may need to buy one in Mysore when I get there. The shala also recommends I bring a foot scrubbing brush as the red dust leaves your feet extremely dirty! Oh - this is going to be one new adventure!!

And on that note, I am very nervous about being the most inexperienced in the class, and the most unfit. Trust me to sign up for the ADVANCED class, which is 500+ hours. But at the end of the day - I want to make the most of this trip so I am prepared to put in the hard yards (and no doubt its going to destroy me at first) to give me a real kick start as a yoga instructor. I just dont feel 250 hours is enough. I feel I would need longer to become completely engrossed in the way of a yogi and would be cheating myself if I had selected the shorted course. And being me, who never takes an easy option in life (ever), its all or nothing in my mind!

So as nervous as that way of thinking can make me at times (often), it just feels right to do it this way. 

Getting excited! xx