Brace yourself - prepare to evacuate!


Today Bharath sat at the front of the class on his blue and yellow mats, as he normally does, and just looked at us. Analysing us, noticing. I’m not sure what he was noticing but I think he was merely trying to get a feel for the energy of the class. He then asked the following questions; “…how many of you are sore or stiff; how many of you feel hungry; or not hungry at all; how many of you sleep very well; or wake up during the night; or don’t sleep at all; how many of you are suddenly crying and you’re not sure why; or laughing too much…” For many of these I put my hand up, as did the rest of the class, and with our answers Bharath just simply said, “Good”.

This is expected. Our bodies are going through so much change with the intensity of our practice. When looking into the Pranic body, it is trying to balance itself, and in doing so we are going through, as Bharath would say, “fluctuations”. It’s lovely to know I’m not going crazy!

These fluctuations are only about to increase. As of tomorrow, we are beginning a 5 day Sadhana - “an ego transcending spiritual practice.” What is it you ask? Well, on Saturday we will be completing the Kriya - Shanka Praksalana. Definition: Dhauti cleanses the upper digestive tract. Shanka Prakshalana evacuates the intestines and thoroughly cleanse the whole digestive system (from mouth to anus). Nice!

We will be drinking about 5 litres of saline water each and practicing yoga between each ‘round’ to get the water moving through the body and ‘out the other end’. OMG! For someone who doesn’t like to ‘go’ in public toilets or other people’s homes, this is going to be one hell of a challenge. Dignity may be completely gone come Saturday lunch time… We’ll see.

But in order to prepare for this process, there is alot to consider. The foods we eat must be very simple, nothing heavy like oils, or spicy, and we will fast the night before. Then the first meal we eat afterward will be prepared by Bharath’s assistant. As the mucus lining the stomach and intestines would have been removed, our bodies become sensitive so a very specific, bland meal must be eaten as the first meal post. We then need to be very careful the two days following the practice. I’ve been told no tea for 5 days!

This Kriya is important as we need to a) understand the technique properly and b) it will prepare us all to go deeper into our practice for the final weeks. I will keep you posted!

I met with Bharath today during my lunch break, to chat about a few things. How to pull together a sequence for someone with migraines (my thesis), the stiffness in my knees and back, the type of bed Owen and I choose when I get home… During our chat I couldn’t help but be in awe of how calm this man is. In his presence, you cannot help but be completely focused on what he has to say. Nothing else can distract you. I think this is merely a reciprocation of how he is treating me? He too is completely focused on what I have to say, which is such a rare quality nowadays. I know I can be terrible at being completely present - trying to do a million things at once. That path only leads to stress in my life. I think it’s time to actively work on the other.

With advice in one hand re my sequence and recommendations for a firm / rough bed to help with my posture and back troubles, I left Bharaths home with a big grin on my face the whole way home. He just has this effect on people. It’s a wonderful gift he has and I feel privileged to be training under the guidance of such a man.

So, with that said, it’s time for a final tea before prep work begins tomorrow.


Namaste xx


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