Beauty by day, horror by night


Last night honestly sucked. I can handle overnight trains with horrific toilets or loud and dirty cities, but put me in a dilapidated, haunted feeling heritage building, alone (day or night) on a canal, and I crumble.  I’m very aware I need to work on stillness of the mind, but last night just got the better of me. Rather than sleep, my plan was to actually sit out on the front patio all night which had internet access. I felt safer there than I did hidden in the back shed (it seemed) of this old building.

But as I mentioned last night, I was changed into a little cottage which was next to the only other couple staying here. If it wasn’t for this Indian girl, who helped to translate my concerns to the security guard who spoke no English, I would have stayed in that awful room.

Although the ‘feel’ of the room was much nicer and far less haunted, the room itself was just as dirty. I’m not worried about dirt. I worry about bugs. With dead coach roaches next the bed being feasted on by thousands of ants, crickets, moths, mosquitoes and centipedes, this was not exactly luxury. I was also awoken at about 3.00am to what sounded and looked like, a huge bird flapping in my room – between the tarp and roof. It was as though it was trapped in the roof somehow. I watched as it moved through the plastic tarp and then fall behind my head. I don’t know what happened to it, but suddenly it didn’t move. I sat staring at this tarp, waiting for this ‘thing’ to fall on my head, for about an hour. I’m absolutely exhausted right now. My early morning photos certainly don’t depict this type of evening, but I assure you luxury is not the case. My shower and toilet was also open to the elements, without a roof. This didn’t worry me at all as I had no intention on showering this morning. Last nights ice bucket shower in the room from hell will have to do until I make it to the next location.

It’s 7.38am now (no yoga this morning unfortunately) and my new driver is due to pick me up at 9am. Packed and ready, I’m sitting on my little balcony drinking my black ginger tea (which now has ants in it) as I’m not up for dosa as breakfast. Also, having seen the kitchen, I’m also not up for gastro either.

Let’s just say this will be a night to remember, but hopefully not repeat. I know it all sounds a little precious, but I’m working on it! We all have our weak points – it’s learning not to give into them is the point. A lesson for self. Now, I’m just trying to take time to relax and breathe…

Enjoy your day!

Namaste xx