Be patient, witness and enjoy

This mornings class was a little different than normal. We did self practice, working through the foundation series. I found this to be a great challenge to remember the asanas and in what order they are to come (as everything connects like a jigsaw, preparing you for the next asana and the next..). I took great care to make sure I was really noticing what was happening with my body for each and every movement. This is where people fundamentally go wrong and injure themselves nowadays. I, therefore, hope to become more aware and in doing so help others to become more aware also. What I couldn’t help to notice are the people around me who seem to be in some sort of race, as though they are trying to beat one another to get to the finish line. I could be completely wrong, and they could be just as aware (or more) as I am ‘trying’ to be but I can’t help that all the lessons Bharath has given thus far just flew out the window for many people today. Technique became second priority whilst finishing the class became first. What I also noticed was how often these particular people were having to be adjusted by Bharath. I was not adjusted once. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are many technical errors I made which he either a) didn’t see or b) didn’t consider necessary to correct at this time - but regardless, he was near me often and I required no adjustment and I honestly believe this is because I was practicing with his more important lesson in mind - patience. To lose the opportunity to witness the beautiful effects this practice has on your body is such a shame. Again - these people may have been very aware and I could be talking complete crap, but I just couldn’t help but feel I was amongst marathon runners.


There is one particular young 22 year old girl here, an American girl, who thinks she is all that and more. A grumpy, lazy attention seeker, who apparently knows more about yoga than our teacher, she is really judgmental of people when they have an opportunity to teach. Well - today was her turn. Long story short, she was absolutely terrible. She had no idea what the chants were, poor pronunciation of the asanas, confused the asanas (teaching the wrong ones) and was unable to list the limitations, benefits, mistakes and variations for each of the asanas. This is fundamental to being a teacher. In the end she tried to say she knew it all but just forgot up there. This is not good enough if in a class! But at the end of the day - little miss critical who will tear someone down if their foot was placed 1 cm out - completely screwed up today. I was really honest in pointing out that her preparation was poor however I’m a little more tactful in how I approach this type of feedback compared to how she would have given it, had this been someone else. She also decided not to wear a bra for some reason and I spent the class waiting for a boob to fly out. Very inappropriate and i told her that also. I think I was more frustrated about the fact that she seems to be treating this training like its a joke. Everyone else seems to be working really hard to learn and improve, and I feel her lack of effort is so disrespectful. To all of us, and mostly to Bharath. Of course, this isn’t  my place to claim that it is or isn’t, but I guess I just want to be around like minded people who are prepared to learn, and seriously learn, rather than the know-it-alls of the world who cant be taught.

I won’t give this girl any more energy than this blog, and when I close my laptop I won’t think of her again - but just sometimes I allow people like her to cause me to lose my centre (which is annoying). But she has just driven me crazy all week. If ever there was karama, today was it. I know this isn’t the yogi way of being, but I think even Gandhi would give her a good slap on the face to snap her out of it.

Ok, moving on!


At lunch I met with my man Ganesh today, who has been pulling together a travel itinerary for when I leave Mysore in April. It looks like I will be traveling through the state of Kerala and staying in different resorts in various cities, all the way down to the most southern point of India where all three oceans meet! I will be taken on guided tours through jungles, visit tea and coffee plantations, temples, beautiful beaches, and all with my own private driver! He and I will be friends for 9 days before I then board an (almost) 3 day train up to Agra. This should be interesting. From there, I will be off to Varanasi before taking another overnight sleeper to New Delhi where I will fly home from at the end of April. Ganesh has warned I be super vigilant in the north as apparently it’s quite unsafe for female solo travelers. Point taken. I might be getting myself some pepper spray for that part of the trip! I certainly wont let that stop me from heading there. I can’t wait to see north India also.

I might leave you with that for tonight. I’m not feeling the best (I even took a nap today which is unheard of for me) so I plan on getting to bed early tonight. Hopefully this eventuates, unlike most evenings.

Namaste xx

Life in Gokulam, Mysore


There is beauty everywhere


Side walk construction


Bus stop / rickshaw driver hangout


Walking to class