Ashtanga Yoga Mysore India

I’ve been sick in bed for the past two days, so it’s given me some time to just relax and learn more about where I’m headed. It seems the Mysore way of training is quite intense. So intense, and unique, it has created this name for itself - “the Mysore way”. Trust me to enroll in such advanced training style. I guess it just wouldn’t be me if I did it any other way!

Watching videos on YouTube is really inspiring. Wow some people are strong! Kino from Kino Yoga is very impressive.

It’s also a little intimidating to be honest. I haven’t got the experience many of these people have and would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about being the weakest or most inexperienced in the class. This is just a worry I need to move past. It doesn’t serve me to think this way - and instead I choose comedy for my mind, rather than horror (as Sudghuru would say).

It’s been recommended I train in gymnastics to improve my strength and posture. I’ve emailed a couple of gymnastics schools here in Adelaide to see if I can attend a few classes before I leave. When I return to Australia, I will look for a gym school in Melbourne to continue my training. I’m certainly open to any form of training which will improve my practice.

Finally, I’ve been practicing the posture names in Sanskrit. This is proving incredibly difficult. During a moment of improved health today, I decided to try a couple of the postures I have never done before, Kakasana being one of them. Turns out I need to practice a little more often!!

Namaste xx

P.S. I resigned today!!!!