And so it begins...

The Shala emailed me with all the homework I am expected to have completed before i commence training. I must say - it’s very nerve racking knowing this is actually happening!

Part of my homework requires learning Sanskrit. I have been trying to learn French for years, with limited success, so I’m not sure how I will go learning the oldest language in the world within 6 weeks. But hey - anything is possible right!

I will spend time tonight going through all the links and readings they have sent through. It’s so exciting to know somewhere in the world - well, Mysore India - someone is preparing for my arrival and training. And it’s even nicer knowing I am only 1 of 24 people who received this email. Now of course I know there are many others studying yoga in India also, but knowing I have selected to train with an instructor who is not ‘mainstream’ at all, is extremely important to me. It’s about meeting and training with genuine people - and trusting Kirsty Gallagher, I know this is what I will get.

Ok - time to start studying!! xx