All good things come to an end

It’s come to that time of the day where I sit and write my evening blog, but to be honest my mind has gone to mush. I’m not really sure what to write about! It’s as though so much is happening that my mind has gone into overload with information and unable to pinpoint something I would like to focus on. Odd.

What I can say, however, is I spent my day sleeping (after this mornings effort) and studying at home. I also rushed to meet my friend Ganesh who has been preparing my travel itinerary for when I leave Mysore, April 8th. I slept through my alarm and woke at 1.24pm because of the most awful motorbike noise from the owner’s son’s new bike. Today I was glad for it as I was due to meet Ganesh at 1.30pm. Eek!! Although Ganesh is pretty relaxed re times, I didn’t want to be late. Looking like death, I threw on quite possibly too much bronzer and rushed out the door and down the road to his home. Thank goodness he is only a 5 minute walk away - not even.

Ganesh took me through my itinerary for going to Kerala then up north. Although it’s all very exciting, it’s verging on unreal that I’ve made it this far. That I’ve been here so long now - over two months. And of course there is the underlying sadness that this will end. As Ganesh said; “All good things come to an end”.


Ganesh was so proud of the work he had done. And so he should be. He took a picture of me with the itinerary in hand. I’m his first customer in the travel business so I think he was thrilled that someone was prepared to trust him and take the risk. This man knows everything about India and I trust hi implicitly. I know I’m in safe hands when it comes to working with Ganesh. Thank goodness he is here. He has helped so many travellers in every way you could imagine. Flights, trains, buses, accommodation etc. He knows the in’s and outs of everything. And he is just a wonderful, happy man. It will be sad to say goodbye to him also. (His wife is Anu, from my favourite Anu’s restaurant where I get the massive bowls of smoothie!)

I then wandered to the wonderful Depth N Green and had the dhal and rice, to help coat the lining of my digestive tract, and was sure to get a take away serve for dinner also. Then with coconut in hand, sipping away as I walked up the hill, I wandered home and have rested all afternoon. It’s been great! I have a lot energy too which is interesting. The morning sleep would have no doubt helped.

So with that, I shall get to bed and continue to recuperate following this morning. I still smile thinking about all the different and unusual (to me) things we have been doing lately. Although very serious and with wonderful health benefits, it really is quite entertaining to someone like myself who has not been through all of this before. Its been wonderful being introduced to all these new experiences - some pleasant, others not so pleasant. I’ve just loved this course and I will always be grateful for this life changing experience.

Thank you Bharath.

(Turns out I had a lot to say after all!)

Namaste xx