Agra to Varanasi - the joys of the Indian railways

This train experience didn’t begin too well. 4 hours late! I re-checked myself into the hotel I was staying in, the Taj Inn, and managed to get a few hours sleep. After a 3.00am start to do Vinyasa before the Taj Mahal, I was tired.

I’m not well at the moment. I’m not sure if the swarms of mosquitoes which attacked me yesterday morning are somewhat responsible for being unwell or if my body is a little run down? Or combination of both. Upon reflection of the journey I’ve been on, it’s been 2 weeks of constant travel. I’m utterly exhausted. I’ also eating really poorly as the food in North India is all deep fried. I just feel so heavy after every meal. In the south, especially at Depth N Green, the food is so much nicer. There was love in the food and they cook with coconut oil. I shall do this from now on. Yes, it’s more expensive but it’s so much better for you.

Without trying to wish my trip away, I really am ready for home now. To feel comfortable again. I can handle a lot when it comes to traveling – my two day train ride is testament to that – but eventually it becomes a little taxing. I’m looking forward to the little things like brushing my teeth with water from the tap not a bottle, being able to make cups of tea, having access to internet. These are the little luxuries I’ve missed here. I’m also excited to feel clean again. Here, you have a shower, walk outside and feel you need a shower again. Although India is a filthy country, I think it’s the pollution in the air which makes you feel unclean. The sky isn’t even visible its so bad. I though Mysore was bad. Turns out I hadn’t seen anything yet.

In two days time I will be doing a photo shoot in Varanasi for yoga. I’m terribly excited about this. It will be a lot of fun no doubt, and I’m just glad to be leaving India with shots of me practicing here. Where I obtained my accreditation. This will be a really special treat to self.

I’m in Varanasi now. Sitting in the hotel restaurant and I’m giving my first update for a few days now. Internet here seems to be the best since being in my apartment in Mysore. My train was 6 hours delayed so I’ve decided to freshen up and relax here as I have an early morning at the Ganges river tomorrow. There I will see the burning Ghats, which I’m terribly nervous about. But, no doubt it will be a powerful and potentially life changing experience. Let’s see shall we!

So, time to catch up on some emails and then head to bed. In short – I’m buggered.

Namaste xx