A wonderful realization


Today is my holiday Sunday (as they call it in India - my weekends shall always be called ‘holidays’ from now on). It’s such a wonderful time to stop and reflect on the week just gone, gather my thoughts, respond to any emails I haven’t had a chance to look at, prepare for the week to come and more importantly, to just ‘be’.

When you’re alone in the world and have a day to relax, the hours can feel like months. It’s amazing how life can really slow down if you allow it.

With only washing and food to worry about, today I decided to spend some time working on the content for my yoga website that I will create for my future business. (I’m meant to be just resting today but I really enjoy this stuff so I consider it resting). In doing so, I realised something so overwhelmingly beautiful and exciting whilst playing with ideas for my website and new business venture, and that was how truly happy I am with the path I am now on. Of course, a true yogi does not get attached to things, so I need to be mindful of this, but for the first time in my life I feel like I am actually doing something which brings so much joy to my life. Bliss as some would say. I couldn’t think of anything more wonderful than sharing my time with other practitioners who want to learn this beautiful, life giving practice.

Not to sound like a complete nut bag whose overly emotional following yesterdays cleansing technique, but this actually brought tears to my eyes. Of course I have known all this time how much I love yoga, but something today made me truly ‘feel’ yoga. For years I have searched for a passion, a love, something which I want to aspire to be great at, that I want to devote my life to learning. There are many people who are fortunate enough to have worked this out very early in their lives, but for me it wasn’t so simple. I’ve dabbled in many things, and had many hobbies, but nothing that has ever fulfilled me the way yoga has/does. And for that, I am so grateful. Of course this may not be the case forever. I appreciate we are all everchanging, but for now, I am truly content with where I’m headed.

Coming to Mysore really has been the journey of a lifetime and thank goodness I had the courage to do it. My only hope is that everyone else out there is following their passions also, whatever they may be. If we only get this chance once, then what other choice do we have?

Enjoy the week to come. May it be truly fulfilling and full of wonderful moments.

Namaste xx