A slower Saturday

Unfortunately our teacher is unwell today so we have seen him only very briefly. I think this is why we were allowed to start half an hour later this morning. This mornings class was taught by Needa, my teachers assistant. For someone who was apparently very shy when it came to teaching, I think she did a fantastic job this morning. She has amazing technique and is very clear when explaining the technique of each asana. Although she is a tiny thing, she can be very stern. Our class just go in trouble for not being quiet in the shala immediately following our teaching class (which is where we teach to the other students). Needa is from Iran and her English is limited, but she explained that she has a good face and a bad face - and that now we see her bad face. It’s fair enough that she be frustrated. As she explained, if we spend all our energy talking to other people, then we are going to perform poorly during the asana classes, where all our strength is required.

I’m not a socialite and each break we have I make the most of by either studying or chatting with Owen briefly. I’m not here to make friends (although i have done so with a select few of the other students) so I am quite happy spending my time studying - which is what i am here to do.

Considering it is the end of the week, however, i agreed to go with the group to breakfast at a little restaurant called Anokah. Run by a French lady, this little restaurant (which is sitting in someones house on the floor) was wonderful. Amongst green trees in a sheltered environment, on what would be the front porch a house,  a small group of us sat on rolled out bamboo mats and little cushions to a wooden table which was chest height when sitting. I had the most wonderful soy porridge, sprinkled with unrefined sugar which tastes like mosala. I also had a spirilina, pineapple, coconut, vanilla and papaya juice, which was lovely at first but then became a little hard to swollen toward the end… Spirilina can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

It was nice to get out with the group but I also like my own time when we have a few minutes break. Tonight a group of us will go out to dinner together at a place called High Bar. Apparently you can see Mysore Palace from there with all its beautiful lights glowing in the distance. I’m going for that mostly.

Ok - well that’s all from me for now. No doubt a million more things will happen before the day is out.

Namaste xx