A little day of calm

After a very hectic Christmas, Owen and i have spent today sleeping in, reading and watching movies. For me - this is odd. I tend to find it quite difficult to just stop. To just be. I think this is, in part, why I love yoga so much. In my hectic life, its the one time I can just stop. Well - it seems I am beginning to bring this practice into my daily life. When I stop and think about why it may be that I am finally beginning to feel ‘calm’ in my usual day to day life - I think it very much has something to do with the knowledge that I will no longer be a cog in the corporate machine. I have never felt so free and in feeling this way, I just feel… “lighter”.

Of course it’s going to be a little scary being unemployed and still with responsibilities, i.e. my properties, but I know everything will work out. I will find a way to make it so. As a true believer that we can have anything we desire if we want it enough, I know anything I need will be made available to me when I need it. That everything will fall into place - because I will make it so. And with this knowledge, I find a feeling of calm - one I have not known before, and a feeling I am truly grateful for.