Your honesty brings us closer together

Jessica Dewar Yoga_Pay As You Feel Studio.jpg

Your honesty keeps us going. And if it weren’t for all of you we wouldn’t be where we are today. To open a studio based upon an honesty system is pretty scary from a business point of view. There are huge risks associated with any business model, let alone one that leaves it to the customer, the student, to decide what value they place on their experience. But I trusted in the good, in the honesty of humanity and it turns out we’ve not been let down. I’ve been so proud of how supportive our community is. Of how determined everyone is to see us succeed and pave the way for more studios like ours to open in other locations. And what is so beautiful is the shared vision we have for a kinder, more connected world. Because let's face it, that’s really at the core of it all.

I had a really special moment over the weekend when I received an email from a regular student who was upset by what had happened with her account. She didn’t realise her unlimited membership had expired whilst she had continued attending classes without payment. Now - in our studio, we don’t question our students ability to pay. We trust people will pay for classes when and if they have the financial means to do so. They donate what they can. So it’s quite easy for this type of thing to happen in our studio as we wouldn’t question our students financial situation or intentions - ever. This particular student, however, is always very generous with her donations and so this realisation shocked her and she emailed me determined to find a way to rectify the situation and make a $500 lump sum payment to make up for what she had missed. Our teachers are also paid on commission and therefore non payment can directly impact their livelihood, hence the further panic from this beautiful student.

As I read this email, I just smiled. And not about the money she was offering to pay to make up for the losses. Whilst money is like oxygen, it keeps us alive, I smiled because her email was a special reminder that our studio is built on so much more than money. It’s built on trust, honesty and a deep sense of community. A community that looks out for one another because we genuinely care. You can’t buy that. We’ve created this (community) as a team and I am so very proud of this. And so it is on that note that I wanted to sincerely thank every single person who has believed in and supported our mission. Our dream for a kinder world. Every time someone books a class, tells a friend about us or just lays on their mat at home, we are moving forward in that direction. And for that, I am eternally grateful and hopeful.

Sending love, hugs and many thanks to the wonderful people who make up the Jessica Dewar Yoga community. I think you’re just wonderful.

Love, Jessica x