The secret to a life of tranquility and absolute peace


If you know me, you know the title of this blog is a pun if ever there was one. Whilst I would like to say I know the answer to a life of tranquility and absolute peace, the reality is – I don’t. And I don’t know anyone else who holds this solution either. Sorry.

This past week has been anything but peace and tranquility for me. And it seems for many of my students also. Uni has gone back, it’s been consistently hot weather (shocking for Melbourne standards)… Life is busy and stress levels are on the rise for people. Myself included. I like to write my blog as I feel something. As a topic of interest comes to me that I want to share with those who care to read it. But today, this week in fact, I’ve got nothing. I feel totally blank. My mind is scattered, and my practice is off. It’s just been one of those weeks. Nothing bad has happened, and I’m in no way dissatisfied with my life. All I can put it down to is simply just being ‘one of those weeks’!

The Type-A Overachiever in me tends to get really pissed off when I have a week like this. Actually, an unproductive day or even an hour can annoy me. I hate to waste time. I’m up at 3.30am every day and I make the most of every minute. If I don’t then the unhelpful, critical parts of myself begin to kick in and tell me to work harder, to stop slacking off. I often talk about being accepting of our own journey and the different paths we will take. To embrace the good and the bad, the tough times and the easier times. Well, this has been a week where I’ve needed to really take a leaf out of my own book and allow myself to be OK with the hurdles I’ve faced. My washing isn’t folded, the dishes are not put away and cooking – well, thank goodness my partner cooks or I would starve to death. I’ve lacked the motivation to really push as I normally would. It’s just been one of those weeks and that is OK!

At the end of the day, we’re all human. Our physical and emotional body will fluctuate. No two days will ever be the same and whilst we may have the energy to run a marathon one day it does not mean we have the same energy the next. I’m a classic example of someone who can quickly head toward burnout if I don’t pause and reflect, so I’m accepting that this time, this week has been an opportunity to do just that. Pause and reflect about where I’m at, where I’m heading and what steps to take next. Rather than being angry about this, I’m enjoying the process of being slightly more tranquil and a little more peaceful in my mind, achieved purely by granting myself permission to slow down.

If you’re feeling a little run down, be sure join our Sunday Restorative Yoga classes or a deeply relaxing Yin Class on a Monday and Friday evening. If you ask me, they’re always just what the doctor ordered.

Sending tranquil and peaceful hugs,

Jessica xx