To the lovely JD Yoga teachers

Ann & Charlotte

I’ve fallen many times. I want to avoid using the term failure as I believe there are no true failures out there, only lessons. Hence I am the first to admit there have been countless times in my life where I’ve made a decision and completely stuffed something up! From relationships, to career choices to restaurants for dinner – I am the Queen of Making Mistakes! But there is one area of my life, at this present moment, where I can quite confidently say I’ve not made a mistake, and that is with our team of teachers at our studio, Jessica Dewar Yoga.

It’s not often one can open a business only to leave three months later and have it still operate in your absence. But with the support of my team, this was not only possible, but it was almost too easy.

My teachers – Nat, Claire, Ruhee, Laura, Ann, Alba and Charlotte – have been nothing short of outstanding. As many of you yogis out there would know, the December/January period is generally a quieter time of year and as such many studio close. However not at Jessica Dewar Yoga. With such committed teachers backing our philosophy, we were all determined to stick to our commitment of making yoga accessible and continue classes during this time. And whilst there are many administrative processes that I (now) know needed to be done to prepare for this period, together we made this work.

Wonderful Ann

Wonderful Ann


Whilst I was in India I received multiple emails from students thanking me for the studio we are building, for the safe space we have created. Whilst it is so wonderful to receive these emails, the people they are really thanking are our teachers for without them none of this would be possible. (And I ask, if ever someone has feedback about a specific teacher, please do share it with me as I will always forward this on.)

Lovely Charlotte

Lovely Charlotte


Upon my return home, I found our gorgeous little space looking as perfect as when I left it. Our workshops have been booking out and classes are continuing to grow – all through word of mouth. And I know this is all thanks to the outstanding work these teachers put into our studio. Our goal is to provide the highest quality yoga to you all, and it appears these incredible ladies are doing just that.

To have teachers who care so deeply about a vision, a dream to share yoga with all, as the teachers at Jessica Dewar Yoga do, is rare. And I feel so proud to have these seven wonderful women leading our classes.

To see when our lovely teachers are next in the studio, head to and book your next class. I know I speak on behalf of all the teachers when I say how honoured we feel to be invited to share this journey with you. To hold you when you need to be held, to challenge you when you need the extra push. A truly profound gift.

Thank you again Nat, Claire, Ruhee, Laura, Ann, Alba and Charlotte. You’re gentle, humble and kind hearts are truly valued by all, especially me.

Sending hugs (from Melbourne now – I’m back!),

Jessica xx