Teach from the heart, not the head

Jessica Dewar Yoga

I’m thrilled to say the Jessica Dewar Yoga studio is beginning to thrive. Word is spreading and practitioners from all walks of life are getting on board. This means I need teachers!

On Monday night, I hosted my first Teachers Info Night, inviting teachers to learn about the studio model and the philosophy behind it. From a business perspective, an exciting step as it signifies growth. From a personal perspective, a real challenge. I’ve poured countless hours of work into building something from nothing. From pulling up carpet to walking the streets slipping flyers into mailboxes, I’ve worked my butt off to get to this point. This has made me quite protective of what I’ve built. For this studio is not the result of hefty capital injections, but rather a lot of love, sweat and tears. And so while I need teachers, I’m mindful I need the right teachers. Those who are excited to be part of an evolving community. Who are excited to share their craft. Who are authentic in everything part of their being.

Three key values of the studio, values I expect teachers to share, are: 

  • To cultivate wellness
  • To contribute to the community
  • To be authentic in all we do

Authenticity is a fundamental value. According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of authentic is; “Of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.” What a fabulous definition.

You see, I want teachers to teach from a place that is genuine to them. That they teach what they know rather than a mere copy of others. That they teach from the heart rather than the head.

You – our students – can feel when we as teachers are teaching from a place of authenticity. You know when we are teaching from a place of love and kindness, and when we are simply going through the motions. I do not want teachers of Jessica Dewar Yoga to conform to a set of rules regarding how they must teach. Rather, I want teachers to show their unique self. To trust in their knowledge, training and experience. To teach how they teach. To be honest about their experiences rather than wear the mask that says they have it all together – because believe me, none of us do. I talk about the importance of creating a safe space, where you can come and be seen without judgment. With this in mind, we as teachers need to allow ourselves to be seen also. In doing so we become an example of what it means to be vulnerable for it is through our imperfections as teachers, as practitioners, that we find authenticity. And through authenticity come strength, beauty and love.

So as I continue to meet with prospective new teachers, in pursuit of opening this space to a wider audience, I am searching for the authentic person. The person who speaks from the heart. Whilst 20 years of experience is great, it is not everything. This does not guarantee a place as a teacher at the studio. For if we cannot be true to ourselves, then it is impossible to be true to others. Food for thought.

Sending hugs,

Jessica xx