It’s official! Melbourne’s First Yoga Studio Offering 100% Donation-Based Classes!

Jessica Dewar Yoga

I cannot tell you how excited I am to officially launch my new studio as Melbourne’s First Yoga Studio Offering 100% Donation-Based Classes. I’ve never been more proud than what I am today. I’ve had the most wonderful group of people jumping on board to help bring this dream into a reality and I’m sincerely grateful to each and every one of them. You all know who you are!

I'm overwhelmed by the number of amazing teachers approaching me and offering to support the community. I had no idea there would be this sort of response and considering this is a new model here in Melbourne, it's nice to know there are many people backing it.

So how does it work?

Students are given the opportunity to Pay What They Feel a class is worth to them. Inside the studio is a jar where donations can be deposited. Next to this is a small poster which explains where the donations are going. For example, a $10 donation helps to cover rental expenses, $15 covers rent and teachers fees... and so on and so forth. We interviewed many people during this development phase who all agreed it's nice to see how their contributions are supporting the studio and the community as a whole. But remember, these are a guide only. The last thing we/I want is for people to feel pressured to pay something that is not available for them. We are confident those who can afford more, will pay more which will in turn help to balance out those who are more limited with funds. This system is built upon trust and will grow as a result of the community's generosity. At the end of the day the concept is very simple - if people want to continue having access to regular, affordable yoga, then contributions are necessary. If people do not contribute, the studio cannot survive or grow. I'm pretty sure I know what people will choose.

Yoga Timetable - let's build classes together!

Moving forward, my intentions are to open MANY more classes in the schedule. As the existing classes begin to fill up, I will begin adding these in. I'm looking for student feedback regarding what time of day they would like to train. Considering this is a community model, I want to ensure the community is given an opportunity to have their say regarding what the timetable should look like. Fact is - I don't know what times are best (and I'm a little out of touch as I train at 3.50am which I can confidently say most people will not be too keen on... am I right?) and realistically it would be a stab in the dark to pull a timetable together (on my own) that meets everyone's needs. Rather, I want to build this timetable gradually with the recommendations of the students who will be training at the studio.

So if you want to have your say, be sure to head over to the Timetable page and let me know!

The word is out!

Today my first press release went out and I'm SO excited to share it with you all. Click the link below to read and if you're supportive of this venture then please be sure to help spread the word! Together we can make this amazing.

Jessica Dewar Yoga Press Release

Thank you again everyone for your incredible support. I can't wait to watch how this community evolves.

Sending massive hugs your way,

Jessica xx