Memories to last a lifetime. Thank you 2016. It's been amazing.

Encounter Bay, South Australia. My special place.

Encounter Bay, South Australia. My special place.


As I write this entry, I’m sitting on my mother’s balcony in Victor Harbor, South Australia, overlooking one of my favourite places in the world. Encounter Bay. I’ve just finished my practice, with Bruce-Lee (my sisters British Blue cat practicing with me also), watching the sunrise from behind the sea. I can’t help but feel very blessed right now. 2016 will end for me on this very balcony watching fireworks from afar and 2017 will begin. The closure of one of the most fulfilling, yet toughest years of my life and the beginning of what will no doubt be an even bigger challenge yet rewarding year.

As I sit here waiting for the rest of the house to wake, I can’t help but feel this overwhelming gratitude for all the people who have stood by me this past year. My family, my friends, my teachers, my students, other businesses and of course, my partner. I believe to make something a success you need the right team behind you. I genuinely believe I have this in my life. And when I say team, I’m referring to all the people noted above. United by shared beliefs and respect, a particular type of student, teacher, friend has entered into my life over the past months. Hence the strength of the culture we are developing. We are united by the desire for a kinder world. The students who practice in our studio come from all manner of backgrounds. Some are more financially stable than others; some are corporate employees whilst others are artistic entrepreneurs or students. Some have never done yoga (or any exercise) before in their lives whilst others are advanced practitioners. No two people are alike and yet what I love about our community is despite our vast differences in life, there is a mutual understanding that this is not about money. This is not about showing how skilled we are or how ‘dolled-up’ we can look. There is no judgement if someone chooses to purchase a 10-class pass whilst the person next to them may be paying less for the same experience (as this is all that is available for them at the present moment). Rather there is an unsaid respect for each other’s journey and that shared purpose of improving ones self emotionally, spiritually and physically.

As the founder of this studio, I couldn’t be prouder of our evolving community. I genuinely believe by continuing to lead by example as we are, there will be a paradigm shift in how yoga is taught here in the west. A shift that ensures the practice remains inclusive as it is meant to be.

2016 has been a wonderful year. We’ve started to let people know who we are and what we stand for, to share what we’re creating. But now, to really make a dent in the industry and see fundamental change, we need to ban together to help spread the world. I know we can do this and I know 2017 is going to go off with a bang because of you.

To our biggest fans, thank you. This would not be possible without you.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe new year. May it be filled with joy and may you find the courage to follow your dreams. Make each and every moment count, because believe me, each and every moment is precious.

Thank you again everyone. We can’t wait to see you in the New Year!

Many hugs, thanks and good vibes,

Jessica xx