Gratitude. The healthiest emotion.

Jessica Dewar Gratitude

Goals are important. They give us something to look forward to. Goals keep us focused. But at times, we can become so preoccupied with achieving the goals, with what we don’t have, that we lose sight of what is already here. How many times have you heard stories of super successful business owners making it to the top but at the cost of their families and friendships. They’ve become so caught up in attaining the end result, with driving their businesses forward, that they forgot to stop and appreciate the journey to get there. To appreciate the love and support of their families, friends and colleagues.

We live in a very consumer focused world. We want more ‘stuff’. Stuff that is often used to fill a void, whilst offering very little by way of actual meaning. We consider stuff as a sign of success. If we have the car, the jewels, the clothes then we are deemed successful. Whilst it is not wrong to want these things – I want these things too. I’m human also. – there is so much in the here and now we can be grateful for. Moments, gifts, experiences that hold true value. That have actual meaning.

This morning, I had a student come to me and say, “Jessica, I absolutely love your classes.” At first glance this may not seem as significant as owning a sports car or mansion, but there was more value to me in that comment than in all the sports cars of the world combined. You see, there is a difference between people saying a comment like this in passing, and someone actually saying it from a place of pure authenticity and honesty. I felt the truth in her words and I was deeply touched by it. Whilst I have dreams to expand and open additional studios under this donation model – in pursuit of making yoga accessible to all – it is in moments like these that I’m reminded of how amazing this entire journey really is. I felt completely at peace with the world and the path I’ve chosen. However, if I didn’t stop to appreciate and enjoy the ride, then I would have missed this wonderful moment of gratitude.

To all of the students at Jessica Dewar Yoga, I want to thank you for making this journey so incredible and for your wonderful support and encouragement. You are a true inspiration and joy to teach. Thank you.

Sending hugs,

Jessica xx