7 New Teachers. 32 New Classes. JDY is going full steam ahead!

Jessica Dewar Yoga 2016.jpg

These past few weeks have felt like a marathon. I’m not kidding. It’s been nothing short of insane! Something I can’t believe I’m about to share with you all, (as it wouldn’t be the classic Jessica-blog if I didn’t share something embarrassing), is that I’ve begun teaching yoga in my sleep. Yup! My partner has told me on many occasions as of late that I’m not only sleep instructing, but I’m sleep demonstrating… “Inhale, extend the arms over head, point the toes, raise the legs...” Hmmm… I think a few more ZZZ’s are in order…

Of course, there is a reason for the huge efforts going into the studio and they are mainly to do with supporting demand (with very little resources) and putting 110% into getting this studio off the ground.

Since opening Jessica Dewar Yoga, there has been a huge influx of students and teachers alike, all eager to get involved. The response has been incredibly positive. So positive, in fact, that as of Sunday, October 16th, there will be 32 more classes being made available spread across eight amazing teachers.

To interview a teacher is an interesting process. Whilst I’m interested in a teachers experience and training, I’m more interested in their intentions behind wanting to be a part of our studio. Of our community. It is my responsibility to ensure students are in the best hands. To know they can walk into any class, not just mine, and feel totally safe and at home. And I can safely say I have found this in the teachers coming on board. Whilst our styles and approaches to the practice vary significantly, I believe the values between all teachers are strongly aligned with that of the JDY community. Let’s just say I’m really excited for you to meet each teacher.

Bringing new staff on board has been another challenge in the world of business. A milestone I’m really proud of, as it hasn’t come easily. From contracts to timetables, there is a lot to think about, but it’s definitely a lot of fun going through this process. And the learning is invaluable. I’ve never professed to be an expert at all of this (owning a business). Nor do I want to pretend I am. Truth is – I’m working this out as I go. Yes, I’ve studied Management, have Honors degrees and am a teacher. But there is nothing quite like building something (that is your own) in the real world. Theory is great, but reality is better (and scarier!). Having a strong team of professional teachers will be such an asset to our growing community. Together we will learn from one another to build something amazing. And whilst I can sometimes feel alone during this process, the truth is, I’m not. I’m surrounded by brilliant people who are all cheering for me, for us, to get this studio up and running. To create the paradigm shift in the industry I dream to create. It’s this support, enthusiasm and encouragement that keeps me going. So a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting our studio. Who believes in me. We may be little for now, but there are big plans ahead. Plans I intend to see through.

Sending hugs to you all,

Jessica xx