Beginners Yoga: Level 2 Program



Wednesday's, Mar 13 - Apr 03, 6.15pm - 7.15pm (FULL)

Jessica Dewar Yoga_Eka Pada Sirsasana_Headstand.jpg

Continuing on from the Beginners Yoga: 4-Week Intro Program, these next 4 weeks will work on the finer points of foundational postures, alignment and will begin to introduce some playful balancing poses.

You will learn techniques to develop upper body strength in preparation for stronger inversions and arm balances; practice healthy back bending poses to strengthen your back and explore poses that will help you to release tight hips. We will also practice meditation and learn basic breath control techniques (pranayama).

Level 2 students will complete their training feeling a deeper connection to the practice and an enhanced understanding of their physical and emotional selves.

*Students applying for the Beginners Yoga: Level 2 Program must have completed the Beginners Yoga: 4 Week Intro Program.

At the end of the Intro course, I was doubtful whether going on to Level 2 was the right thing for me to do, instead of either repeating the Intro Course or just spending a few weeks at home practising what we’d done in that course. In fact I found this week’s class one of the best! (Wk 1 of Level 2 Program). I like the rounds of sun salutations to start with, and think that in themselves they provide lots of opportunity for slight adjustments/improvements both in focus and actual technique. I think that this time you gave us a few more detailed hints about, for example, triangle pose, and that was really good.

I’m certainly not, and I don’t think anyone else should be, in any hurry to achieve anything in particular by any sort of deadline. I know that in principle most of the poses we’ve done are possible for me, but it will take time and gradual improvement to get there. Each week, a little focus on just one aspect of a pose gives something to work on over the next few days... maybe just how your feet are placed and where the weight should be, etc.

As I mentioned to you, my daughter (26 and fit, plays a bit of sport, goes to gym) has started yoga classes too, and they seem good too, but she could hardly believe that you were teaching us head stand and shoulder stand in a beginners’ class. But I told her that you had shown a few intermediate stages on the way to each, and that it’s ok to keep practising at an earlier stage before moving on, which might take some people like me a very long time. To me, it’s another example of good teaching; as I’ve said before, you’re quite demanding but also understanding and helpful. (Actually I’ve almost got the shoulder stand going but the head stand will take much longer).

Personally I’ve been surprised at how much some things have improved for me, even in just over four weeks since my first class. My balance is better, and I feel the benefit of things like triangle pose and side stretches. Lots to work on, but in my current (even if temporary) state of retirement, I’ve got a bit of time to spend on it.
— Nick