Beginners Yoga: 4-Week Intro Program

Hawthorn East Studio


INTAKE 1: Tuesday’s, Nov 05 - Nov 26, 7.30pm - 8.30pm

INTAKE 2: Wednesday’s, Nov 13 - Dec 04, 6.15pm - 7.15pm

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 Are you interested in yoga?

Are you looking to improve flexibility, relieve stress and get stronger?

Are you uncertain where to begin?


Jessica Dewar Yoga’s Beginners Yoga: 4-Week Intro Program is a dynamic, detailed and exciting course for anyone interested in beginning their journey with yoga. It is also the perfect opportunity for current yoga students to deepen and expand their practice. Drawing upon the passion, skills and expertise of our senior teachers, you will be taught to practice yoga with clarity, energy and confidence.

Students can expect individual attention, personal development, mentoring and assistance from experienced and conscientious teachers; a strong foundation in yoga asana (postures) and an introduction to yoga philosophy.

Each course runs for 4 weeks over which the basic yoga postures will be introduced and consolidated. On completion of the course students will feel confident to continue with weekly group classes.

Since completing the course, I’ve noticed a change in my flexibility and overall mood. (For the better!) My overall experience over the last four weeks has been exceptional. The space in Camberwell is lovely and safe, and your teaching is effective, inclusive and constructive. Overall a wonderful experience!
— Michael
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Course Highlights

You will learn techniques to strengthen your body, improve muscle tone, posture and flexibility.

You will learn how to practice the most powerful yoga sequence - the classical Surya Namasakara (Sun Salutation).

You will receive a structured introduction to yoga, increasing the intensity of your practice each week as you become stronger and more flexible.

Learn key postures you can apply in your daily life.

Learn how to improve and slow your breathing through meditation practice.

Personalised mentoring from senior instructors.

Become a part of our thriving, passionate and health-focused community.