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 Amabel Lim

Drawing from many years of dance experience, Amabel teaches from the heart to bring a playful yet grounding approach to the Yoga practice - combining thoughtful sequencing with mindful and flowing transitions. You can expect to feel more connected to the mind, body and breath on your mat in a welcoming and supportive space.

Amabel has completed over 600 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa and Yin. As an avid learner, Amabel has also trained with and is inspired by teachers in the Melbourne yoga community including Mandy O’Keefe, Rowie Geraerts, Nicky Grimsdale and Hugh Lee.

Amabel loves the way Yoga can make you feel strong but still opens you up to being more vulnerable and connected to all parts of yourself. Turning to Yoga from the demands of corporate work, for Amabel Yoga has become a space of refuge and respite from the challenges, and ebbs and flows of life.