Alba Diez

I discovered my love for Yoga through an act of generosity and kindness by a good friend of mine. 

As I was struggling with an eating disorder for many years, I was so desperate to change myself, to become someone I could love. 

Through Yoga I found inner peace, healing and a journey towards recovery. It has been part of this journey thatI found my inspiration to teach and to share this beautiful gift with others.

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali with Bodhi Yoga and it's been the best thing I've done to date and I now know that there is so much more waiting for with my yoga.

My approach to teaching is to impart a calm, gentleness with the intention to provide a  focus on healing, building strength, and connecting deeply to breath and body.

I encourage my students to be creative in their flow and to find the joy and freedom that moving our bodies bring. I think placing strong emphasis on appreciation for our bodies is important - to feel our strength, suppleness and joy in undertaking the discipline yoga presents.

Yoga for me is a dance of life where we are free to move with grace, being fully conscious and aware of our presence and our effect on the environment. Where we can learn from nature and be reminded of how important it is to feel that connection to earth and to all living beings.

I feel honoured to have this opportunity to share my love for Yoga with my students.