About Us

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Our mission is to build a kinder world by providing an accessible platform for practitioners and teachers to share in the power of yoga . We bring together the most capable, passionate teachers and a strong community of conscientious and dedicated students. We Aim to:

  1. Make yoga accessible to all

  2. Run a sustainable business

  3. Cultivate a supportive community of yoga teachers and students


Why Donation-Based?

The community donation based approach opens the studio not only to a wider range of practitioners by removing a traditional fixed-fee model but also provides amazing yoga teachers a platform to share their knowledge and love of yoga with the community. 

How are my donations used?

 The sustainability of our studio is dependent upon the kind contributions of our students. Without your contributions the studio simply cannot continue. Your contributions will sustain our studio by covering rent and business expenses, such as teacher fees, utilities bills, cleaners, software, yoga equipment and so much more!

Teachers are also paid directly from donations - so if you love their class, be sure to show this through your contribution as they will be rewarded for giving you the amazing experience you seek.

Make A Donation

If you are inspired by our work, please consider supporting us with a donation of any size!

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